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Blackhead Removal Kit

3 Important Steps in Removing Blackheads

Blackheads are gross, that’s something we all know, but what really are blackheads? Blackheads are essentially clogged hair follicles. When dead skin cells and oil start collecting in the opening of a hair follicle, it becomes what is called a comedone. If the comedone remains closed, it becomes a whitehead. If the comedone remains partially open, the oil and dead skin cells becomes exposed to oxygen, which then results in oxidation. This oxidation causes the comedone to have that black dotted appearance that’s most commonly seen on the nose.

Unless you regularly see a professional to extract your blackheads, dealing with blackheads can be a bit daunting. Thanks to K-beauty brands understanding this struggle, there are countless blackhead removal strips, kits masks, etc out there. The Sooni team searched and tested a variety of K-beauty products that focused on blackhead removal, and we were so glad to find the A’Pieu Goblin Blackhead 3 Step Nose Pack (included in all January pouches!)

How to Use the 3 Step Nose Pack:

  1. Open the pores
    After you clean your face, use the pore opening sheet for about 15-20 minutes and rinse the area after. Opening the pores allows the strip to be more effective in extracting those nasty blackheads!
  2. Extract the Blackheads
    The most satisfying part of the process! Leave the blackhead patch on for about 10-15 minutes and carefully remove to extract the blackheads.
  3. Close” or tighten the pores
    Use the pore tightening sheet for about 10-15 minutes and pat excess in. While you can’t completely close up your pores, you can tighten those pores to prevent more bacteria, dirt, and oil from collecting again. Dismissing this step can lead to even more blackheads so don’t forget this step immediately after you extract the blackheads!

The A’Pieu Goblin Blackhead 3 Step Nose Pack makes it very easy to follow and the results are so satisfying. Have you used it before? Let us know in the comments about your experience!

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