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4 Skin Care Resolutions for 2020

It’s a new year, a new decade! January is always a great time reflect on the previous year and to think about the goals you would like to achieve in the upcoming year. We recently asked our Sooni team members what their skin care resolutions for 2020 are, and we compiled their answers. If you’ve been wanting to take better care of your skin this year, we hope this list will help!

1. Be more patient with new products
Do you sometimes try a new product and get immediately disappointed it doesn’t seem to have any effect? Once you introduce a new product to your skin care routine, give the product enough time before evaluating its effectiveness. When we say “enough time,” it’s difficult to give an exact time frame because it will depend on the type of product, the ingredients, and other factors. For example, a moisturizer should show results almost immediately, and you will be able to see whether the product successfully moisturized your skin. However, serums like Vitamin C serum or products with acids (i.e. glycolic acid) may need 2-3 months to start showing real results. Patience is a virtue especially in skincare!

Disclaimer: if the product causes a bad rash or skin irritation, immediately stop using it and seek help from a healthcare provider.

2. Avoid touching and picking the face
This is a common habit and know you are not alone. A lot of times, we’re not even aware that we are touching or picking our face. One tip our Sooni team member gave was to let a close friend, roommate, significant other or someone you trust, know about your habit and ask them to say something when they see you picking your face. Having a support system can help so much in achieving a resolution.

3. Get more beauty sleep
We know how difficult this can be to follow. Life can get so chaotic, making it easy for all of us to sacrifice sleep. However, it’s important to evaluate how you are spending your time throughout the day and night, see what you can cut out or minimize, and reorganize your schedule to allow yourself to sleep more. As you’ve probably experienced, lack of sleep can lead to swollen eyes, dark circles, and more prominent signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. When you are sleeping, the skin is using that valuable time to replenish and rejuvenate itself; the skin is recovering from UV damage, collagen is being produced, and blood flow is increasing.

Applying sunscreen is the most important part of any skincare routine. Remember to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours! A way you can remind yourself to reapply sunscreen is by keeping a sunscreen on your desk or wherever you spend the most time at. You’re forced to see the sunscreen, giving yourself a reminder to reapply.

Always remember that skincare is a life long journey; there will be days you wake up with good skin and there will also be bad skin days. Be gentle and patient with your skin 🙂 What are your skin care/beauty resolutions for 2020? We’d love to hear from you!

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