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Product Points: 98 Points


  • Made In Korea
  • Skin Type: All Skin Types


▶ Intensive Skin – With appropriate mixture of gold powder(99.9% of purity) and phyto placenta extracts,it prevents the loss of moisture on skin and keeps moisturized conditionfor dried and tough skin to provide more refresh and vitalized skin.


▶ Main ingredients:: Colloidal gold (99.9% pure), plant placenta, royal jelly extract, etc.

▶ Product Description:: Premium skin care prone to age-related changes. improves skin texture, prevents and slows down skin aging, smoothes wrinkles, effectively moisturizes and protects the skin.: Preparations for external use containing colloidal gold are completely safe. colloidal gold is not toxic, it does not integrate into the cell, but is utilized by the body. But the processes launched by the body when using colloidal gold are comparable to the method of pulling with gold threads, but do not cause side effects in the form of scar, collagen tissue under the skin. the result of the use of gold, colloidal nano particles, skin rejuvenation, smoothing the face tone, enriching the skin with oxygen, strengthening the turgor and oval face.: Toner helps cleanse the skin, has a moisturizing effect, smoothes out irregularities in the epidermis, and helps restore fresh skin tone.

▶ Application:: Apply toner to the skin with soft, massaging movements or use a cotton pad.


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