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VIVLAS Premium Rose Mask 5 sheets/pack (Made in Korea)

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Peptide Complex Wrinkle improvement, Elasticity-Strengthening 

Caviar Extract Uneven Skin Texture Improvement, Skin Nutrition

Colloidal Gold Anti-Aging, Skin Texture Improvement

Specialty Hypoallergenic

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Skin Whitening+ Wrinkle Improvement + Skin Balance

Rose water and Gold provide upgraded elasticity for the skin and antioxidant and strength of skin surface!
Includes Botaniceutical Plus-10(patent No. 10-0966835) helping to improve moisturization of your skin.

Rose foil mask that offers antioxidizing effects, anti-aging effects and pure multi-care with just one mask sheet.

Black Tearaphy™ technique provides antioxidizing effects and makes the skin healthy by maxmizing blacktea effects using VIVLAS’ triple ferment technique.
Foil mask with the same structure as skin tissue effectively delivers active ingredients by perfectly adhering to the skin with a triple layer consisting of a premium foil cover + elastic material + black sheet.

Protects the skin from environmental aggressors, helps soothe and protect skin that has become sensitive due to urban environmental aggressors or external stress.
Strengthens the skin barrier with 10 types of natural ingredients.

How to use
Put Mask on skin and wait for 10-20 minutes. Remove mask and lightly tap skin for remaining essence to be fully absorbed into skin.


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