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SK-II Skinpower Essence, 50 ml

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Product Details

Introducing our new SKINPOWER essence – an evolution from our R.N.A Power RADICAL NEW AGE line to an even more advanced skin power technology. Packed with nourishing ingredients, this concentrated formula is quickly absorbed in to your skin to refine texture for a pore-less, bouncy appearance. Supercharge your skin for a youthful, healthy look.

  • SK-II has pioneered a new solution around the dynamics of skin power that recharges skin’s youthful, healthy look
  • InfinitPower Technology, a revolutionary and SK-II exclusive ingredient complex, is designed to supercharge the power source of your skin to plump up* from within**
  • With this boost of skin power, your constantly moisturized skin resists low-power moments*** caused by daily stressors and powers up to look and feel bouncy, smooth and glowing
  • With a clear and dewy texture, the concentrated formula pushes ingredients through skin layers** for deep hydration with a fresh feeling
  • Featuring a specially designed auto-dropper, one push for one drop is the optimal dosage for each application
  • *Via hydration
  • **Stratum corneum
  • ***Refers to skin conditions such as dryness


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