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Prime Luxury Gold Intensive Serum Set 30ml x 3ea

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  • Product composition:

Prime luxury gold intensive moisturizing serum 30ml

Prime luxury gold intensive brightening serum 30ml

Prime luxury gold intensive lifting serum 30ml

  • It contains phyto lacenta with abundant nutrition and gold powder (99.9% of purity)
  • Made in Korea (Korea import)


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Prime Luxury Gold Intensive Moisturizing Serum 30ml
The sodium hyaluronate, natural moisturizing factor, is the factor that pulls moistures in the air for moisturized skin so as to keep the balance for dried and loosened skin.

Prime Luxury Gold Intensive Brightening Serum 30ml

Niacinamide ingredient helps reduce the activation of melanin pigment and brighten the dull skin and the serum has an intense effect on the dark spots.

Prime Luxury Gold Intensive Lifting Serum 30ml

Adenosin ingredient gets into the loosen skin cells easily preventing wrinkles and fine lines and vitalizing the skin.


After facial wash and usage of toner, apply the amount for daily usage, 2-3 drops, softly onto the face. 
It is more effective if coated again onto dry areas.

How to use

After using the toner, apply the appropriate amount evenly along the skin texture and tap it gently.



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