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  • Plabeau therapy for recovering skin barrier into the clearer skin.
  • Skin pigmentation after inflammation: Plabeau recovers damaged skin barrier balance to be reborn as clear skin.
  • Anti-Aging Plabeau by filling up collagen into skin layer.
  • Ions from Plabeau (plasma) densely inject new collagen into skin layer to enhance skin resilience, reduce wrinkles and enhance skin tone.
  • Plabeau proposing solutions to the modern problematic skin.
  • Fine dust and environmental pollution irritating skin every day. Plabeau is a personal beauty device at home that will keep your delicate skin against pollutants and stress from life.
  • Plaskin can recover skin barrier, whitening, reduce wrinkles, and increase skin resilience.
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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions25 × 20 × 5 in

17 reviews for PlaBeau Plasma Skin Care Device (ACNE, ECZEMA, SCAR, LIFTING, DARK SPOT, WRINKLE CARE) For BODY & FACE

  1. kikiaroma

    It took a long time to get into the habit of doing it every day. But now I can see that my skin has improved noticeably. Especially when you put on a mask pack after use, your skin becomes extremely soft.

  2. goodagoose

    The texture of the skin changes even with just one use of this device. I use my moisturizer and it’s very different from before. I feel like my skin is getting softer.

  3. rosalee

    My son had a very serious eczema. When I tried using the hospital and medicine, it didn’t work. Then I discovered this. My son’s skin really improved after using it for three weeks. Thank you.

  4. aprillsole

    I asked for an explanation by e-mail, thank you for your kind reply. I received the product well and will use it well. Thank you.

  5. angelicakay3 (store manager)

    Great for skin care. It’s much more useful than all skin care products, in principal.

  6. codeliakar38 (store manager)

    I am very happy to have this and I love using it! I actually do this while I watch TV or have my coffee in the mornings (on the weekends).

  7. helenclark11 (store manager)

    Did a lot of research prior to purchase and this is the best home care product you could own! Looking forward to having glowing, refreshed smooth skin!

  8. rosemaryk73 (store manager)

    I saw my friend’s Plaskin and bought a better one. It’s definitely more upscale and works better. Very good.

  9. esthercok29 (store manager)

    I used it on an itchy area because of a wound, but the itchiness went away. I think my skin is regenerating. I will have smooth skin.

  10. catheringrag (store manager)

    My itchy and dry skin has improved a lot. It seems to smooth out my wrinkles as well.

  11. magaretace59 (store manager)

    My friend’s son completely cured his acne with this. It’s also great for skin lifting. Why did I only find out now?

  12. agelinawou11 (store manager)

    Nice packaging!!! Very good working!! Thank you!

  13. melisahnm21 (store manager)

    My friend used this and then became a different person. Finally I bought it too. I love it!!!

  14. jamie97 (store manager)

    I bought the big one. I will use it every day.

  15. keissle94 (store manager)

    It’s more expensive than Plaskin, but I think it’s a good buy. I will use it for a long time.

  16. karanaicurei (store manager)

    Thanks for the fast and safe shipping.

  17. mariahsong89 (store manager)

    I bought this because of my son’s atopy and use it every day. Thanks for getting a little better.

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