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[PlaHair] Plasma Tech HAIR LOSS Care Device

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(6 customer reviews)


6 reviews for [PlaHair] Plasma Tech HAIR LOSS Care Device

  1. guasues7 (store manager)

    Very easy

  2. esabellaa (store manager)

    My scalp was very itchy, but after using this device, it doesn’t itch.

  3. stellaina (store manager)

    I bought it on the recommendation of my friend. Arrived really quickly. Thank you!!

  4. katewill (store manager)

    Awesome!! Good product!!

  5. chinsuiso477 (store manager)

    Thank you for the fast delivery. The gift you sent me was also well received. I’ve been using it for a while and it seems to have reduced itching a lot. I will use it well.

  6. danialmacc33 (store manager)

    I have been using it for 2 weeks and all the itching is gone.I want to keep using it. Recommended for those with itchy scalp.

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