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[PlaHair] Plasma Tech HAIR LOSS Care Device

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23 reviews for [PlaHair] Plasma Tech HAIR LOSS Care Device

  1. brianabrave

    My head was itchy and I couldn’t sleep. It was natural for my hair to fall out. After 2 days of use, the itching almost disappeared. My hair loss has also decreased a lot. Highly recommend!

  2. haidyharmond11

    I bought this because it was recommended for hair loss. After 2 days of use, the itching really went away. There is also less hair falling when you bow your head to wash your face.

  3. maryk

    The loss of hair after use has decreased. The itching of the scalp has also decreased a lot. That’s why I use it twice every morning and evening. I like it a lot.

  4. oliviaford

    I use it every morning and evening. After 2 days of use, the itching was completely gone. My hair doesn’t fall out well. So good.

  5. jazminejohnson

    Compared to other hair devices, it is so simple, light and wonderful. I found it now.

  6. maimaiju

    I use it every day and I don’t know what’s going on. I’ll have to try more.

  7. derickpont (store manager)

    Have new lil hairs growing out. Thin but definitely new or returning. Hair definitely looks more dense. Thanks plahair.

  8. becky784 (store manager)

    Very easy to use, I do see after only a short time new hair growing in the places I was concerned about. Glad I took the chance. seems to be working !

  9. harrisonk28 (store manager)

    Pricey but so worth it! I don’t have thick hair and I’m scared that it will thin out further so I bought this. It seems to be working. I have less hair fall and my wife noticed that tiny hairs are starting to grow. I’m glad I made the purchase

  10. davekaly377 (store manager)

    I love how this product can be an alternative way of hair loss treatment. Thumbs up!

  11. philipsburow845 (store manager)

    Used for a few times, haven’t noticed any changes in hair volume but hair gets greasy less frequently, so I think it will work eventually

  12. mariahansk (store manager)

    It’s okay so far. Don’t expect results to just come after a few days of usage. It would probably take months after months of use to get the results you want, but this is definitely working.

  13. chrisgraf94 (store manager)

    My friend has been using this for a year recommended it to me. He really has a lot of hair.

  14. katejane (store manager)

    Bought the plaskin and it’s so good. I bought this because I thought they were selling hair products. This is also very good.

  15. alexaellen (store manager)

    When I use this while watching TV, 7 minutes go by quickly. Very simple. I’ll try everyday!

  16. frankyace (store manager)

    Quickly shipped with gifts Thank you

  17. phyllisquan (store manager)

    It’s 7 minutes a day, but it’s not easy to do it every day. Even though I do it three or four times a week, my hair is much better than before.

  18. guasues7 (store manager)

    Very easy

  19. esabellaa (store manager)

    My scalp was very itchy, but after using this device, it doesn’t itch.

  20. stellaina (store manager)

    I bought it on the recommendation of my friend. Arrived really quickly. Thank you!!

  21. katewill (store manager)

    Awesome!! Good product!!

  22. chinsuiso477 (store manager)

    Thank you for the fast delivery. The gift you sent me was also well received. I’ve been using it for a while and it seems to have reduced itching a lot. I will use it well.

  23. danialmacc33 (store manager)

    I have been using it for 2 weeks and all the itching is gone.I want to keep using it. Recommended for those with itchy scalp.

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