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Ph Drop Controls Acne Sebum

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  • 1.01 Oz of acne cream that has been clinically proven to show 0% skin irritation, itchiness, stinginess, and burning sensation
  • Controls Acne and Sebum without leaving a trace of trouble
  • Provide moisture on skin with natural whitening
  • Dermatologist tested. This product evaluated cosmetic ingredients and products through standards application test on human body by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) in Korea. The quality is PROVEN and TRULY TESTED with professionals!
  • [Results in 8 Weeks Proven Lab Test Results] Significant drop rate on Acne and Sebaceous Glands(each), Amount of Oil on skin(μg/cm2), Investigator’s Global Assessment(IGA Grade), Acne Severity Index(ASI) and no Irritating

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SKINMED pH Drop Acne 4 Steps Series
pH Drop Acne 4 Steps products help to control troubled acne skin
All SKINMED products main ingredients are tested by dermatologist and accepted by professionals
pH Drop Acne 4 Steps products are clinically tested and proven to show 0% skin irritation, itchiness, stinginess, and burning sensation.

How To Use:

After cleansing, moisturising and/or lotion, apply ACNE 4STEP SPOT RECOVERY CREAM directly on pimple or the entire face anytime of the day and night as needed.

All Ph Drop products are Dermatologist Tested
SKINMED SSlab uses only cosmetic ingredients
Approved by MFDS (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) in South Korea
Main Ingredients from Allantoin, Calamine, Bedspread leaf extract, ginkgo leaf extract, beefsteak plant extract, peony root extract, green tea extract
Recover from Acne, Sebum, and pimple (TESTED & APPROVED)

Your Satisfaction Guarantee!
SKINMED is one of the leading manufacture of cosmetics and skin products in Korea
NONO BROS LLC is the partner and sole distributor & retailer on Our high standard QC(quality Control) triple check before they release from factory to Amazon FBA warehouse.
We maintain our reputation by delivering the best quality products with high standard service. Your 100% satisfaction is our commitment.
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