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[MODAMODA] Grey Reducing Shampoo

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Natural Darkening

MODAMODA is the first shampoo to utilize nature’s browning principles observed in fruits and vegetables. Just by shampooing, you will be FREE from ALL THE SIDE EFFECTS driven from dyeing at hair salons.

No Harmful Ingredients

Does not contain any of the 8 HARMFUL HAIR-DYEING INGREDIENTS such as silicon, paraben, sulfate, mineral oil, pam, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine, and artificial colorant&fragrance.

Gentle on Skin

Formulated with a natural surfactant derived from coconut, it helps to balance the oil and moisture of the scalp. In addition to darkening gray hair, it helps to prevent and alleviate problems such as HAIRLOSS, DANDRUFF, and DRY SCALP.

IS DYING YOUR HAIR AT SALON WORTH IT? – Many people dye gray at hair salon or home every month to look younger. But the more they dye their hair, problems such as rough hair texture, scalp allergies, and hair loss worsens in return. Also, the cost that goes into dyeing hair multiple times is a considerable sum of money. Let me ask you, is dyeing your hair as such worth all the efforts?

PUT YOUR EFFORTS INTO THE RIGHT PLACE – After years of hard work, MODAMODA have successfully formulated our proprietary patented ingredient inspired by the principles of nature. This enabled the development of an all-inclusive shampoo that darkens gray hair into a dark brown color, reduces hair loss, and controls the health of both scalp and hair without including any chemical hair dye ingredients. What’s more, MODAMODA has proved its efficiency in dyeing not only your current hair, but also hair soon to be grown.

Join the 4 weeks of journey with MODAMODA for an amazing experience of the whole new dimension of “dyeing”!

shampoo mechanismMODAMODA

How does it work?

MODA MODA’s Antioxidant Complex ingredients (Polyphenol) reacts with oxygen and sunlight while shampooing, forming a film on the hair’s cuticle layer.

IN OTHER WORDS, because it uses the same principle as nature’s browning phenomenon; aka the antioxidation in fruits, gray hair gradually darkens into a natural dark brown. In addition to the natural darkening effect provided by plant-derived ingredients, MODA MODA also contains ingredients that keeps the scalp healthy and alleviate hair loss. hair shampoo

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14 reviews for [MODAMODA] Grey Reducing Shampoo

  1. kellyjeong

    I know there are several issues. But there is no substitute for it. I hope production doesn’t stop.

  2. paisleycoda (store manager)

    Thanks for the fast shipping. I’ll try it right away.

  3. ophelianathan (store manager)

    Moda Moda Shampoo arrived. Is it too light? I felt it when I opened the thick one. The container is large, but there are few contents inside. It’s too small.

  4. keyshaowi (store manager)

    It’s really hard to find. Do you guys have it? So good. I bought several because I didn’t know when they would all sell out. Thank you.

  5. justinapeak2 (store manager)

    I have trouble with my scalp, so it’s hard to dye my hair. Then I found this shampoo. I couldn’t believe it, but I thought I’d give it a try, so I bought it and shampooed it. I only shampooed it, but the color is changing. The pain is gone. I’m happy.

  6. marygang891 (store manager)

    I bought it for my father. He can use it easily because he only needs to shampoo as he normally would. The effect is slow, but still good.

  7. melisakame (store manager)

    It works for me. Please use it as directed in the label. You don’t need to stay longer than as instructed. It works gradually not instantly.

  8. danielgoo55 (store manager)

    I started using this shampoo and see great results! Not sure of the exact length of use but I’m still on my first bottle. I agree with the other reviewer about the roots taking longer but patience is the key. Amazing product

  9. jollyabb67 (store manager)

    I think it takes time to see actual color change. But the good thing is that I’m losing def less hair.

  10. scottkang (store manager)

    It is really good for my grey hair.

  11. johnshim (store manager)

    I had an effect within two weeks. It’s nice to look younger.

  12. peterjackson (store manager)

    Healthy, No need to dye anymore. it is quite expensive, but it is totally worth it.

    After a month, you will see difference. (Search them on YouTube!)

  13. eliyyee (store manager)

    I can’t wait to see myself after 4 weeks later. I tried 2 times and it already shows some changes. I noticed the hair loss is much less after shampooing, as well. Love it!

  14. danielshim (store manager)

    This product is hard to find and I’m glad it’s on here to buy!!!

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