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Milux LED Facial Neck Mask Home Esthetics Self Skin Care Device

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  • Firming your skin by LED light that can be revive the skin cells.
  • Articles of skin healing with LED light through their clinical tests. – Wound care, Acne treatment, Overcoming Fatigue, Treat atopic dermatitis, Shingles pain relief, Treat gingivitis..
  • 192 – It has the largest number of LED. It helps to care of entire face..
  • Has 3 wavelength – Blue ray 415nm, Red ray 630nm, NIR 830nm.
  • Made in Korea.

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Beautiful Light on Your Face Milux LED Mask

Milux is a face skin care device with the LED of 415nm, 630nm, and 830nm proved by clinical trial for acne, wrinkle, and elasticity. The mask is ergonomically designed to be adjusted by face size with wing-type shape, and the neck part is detachable for more selection of skin care.

The ‘LED Face Mask’ concept was created by our manufacturer GTG Korea in the form of the MILUX LED Face Mask. The mask provides a cost effective solution to the general public that not only helps with certain skin conditions but works wonders as the ultimate anti-aging product.

The MILUX LED Face Mask has found worldwide acclaim; it has been used by celebrities across the globe and can be found in Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales In House spa; as well as being publicized by major powerhouses such as OK!, E News, Real Housewives of Orange County and Cheshire, US Weekly.

MILUX LED Mask Light Therapy is the latest skin care trend. It’s clinically proven and affordable. It works at a cellular level for complete skin rejuvenation and targets a host of skin conditions by using specific wavelengths of light to penetrate the skin at varying depths with non-visible infrared light, visible red and blue light.

The specific MILUX LED mask wavelengths helps with Skin Rejuvenation including wrinkles, skin spots, freckles, skin toning and age spots. The infrared light energy penetrates deep through the skins layers, to the muscle, giving depth to the clinical effects of rejuvenation by stimulating cells that have a more prolific role in circulation and regeneration


But what exactly is LED Therapy?

Light emitting diodes or LED therapy as it is commonly known, is a specific wavelength of light that is used to stimulate the way in which our skin cells work. Initially invented by NASA, LED light has been found to have a profound effect in speeding up the metabolic rate that some of our skin cells work at. This has been proven to provide anti-aging, anti-microbial and rejuvenating properties, by boosting collagen and elastin cells (diminishing wrinkles, decreasing pore size and plumping the dermis) and killing bacteria. LED light therapy also helps skin conditions, pigmentation and dry skin extremely effectively.


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