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[Lozperi] 3D Copper Mask (90% Protection, Easy Breathing)


(9 customer reviews)
  • GREAT SAFETY: 4-Ply filter including nylon, copper infused fabric, Polyurethane, Polyester Layers
  • COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Ergonomic three dimensional design.
  • OUTSTANDING QUALITY AND QUALITY CONTROL – Produced by the company specialized in mask manufacturing: Using the High Quality Copper Fiber Filter.
  • Made in South KOREA


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black, brown, navy, pink, purple, white, yellow, grey



9 reviews for [Lozperi] 3D Copper Mask (90% Protection, Easy Breathing)

  1. delilah84 (store manager)

    Wearing this mask on my face makes me feel very comfortable, breathing smoothly and not muggy. The material it uses is very soft. The mask can be washed by hand, then hung up to dry and reused.

  2. cassandra14 (store manager)

    This is a really great mask. I get compliments on it a lot. The design of the mask allows space for nose and mouth . I love it.

  3. brynleesui (store manager)

    I am very pleased with my mask. It’s very comfortable, extremely soft, and doesn’t hurt your ears. I can wear this mask all day, every day. I might buy more in a different color.

  4. orianak (store manager)

    Lots of cool colors and the fit is very comfortable. Also the material is very breathable and doesn’t muffle your voice when speaking

  5. savannahcraw (store manager)

    These are the best copper infused masks ever!!

  6. serena9867 (store manager)

    The product has really well quality that is soft to the touch and is relatively flexible, it hasn’t given me any issues with breathing so far. The design I got was nice and simple. Greatly appreciate the product, and honestly worth the price.

  7. yasminjj (store manager)

    It’s so comfortable to wear! Doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a mask so light and soft. Also who knew copper helped kill bacteria? Must buy! 100% recommend

  8. wynteri (store manager)

    I bought this to use in the gym so I didn’t need to throw away a single use mask every time I worked out. It was even more breathable than my single use masks, didn’t make me sweaty and humid inside the mask, and was overall comfortable and non abrasive. Definitely looking to buy in different colors!

  9. willow123 (store manager)

    It is washable and very comfortable. 90% protection.

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