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LEBODY uses 1,000 Hz range which has least skin resistance and less pain & inconvenience among mid-frequency(1KHz~10KHz). Electrical current of Mid-Frequency is penetrated deeply into the muscle beneath skin. Mid-frequency stimulates muscles directly.
LEBODY is the final choice for nice body line. Mid-frequency of LEBODY strenthens muscles and decreases body fat component by increasing cellular metabolism. It improves body skin electricity and reduces swelling. LEBODY is for those who need to manage their body line regularly as supplementtary workout and for those who want to lose weight more effectively.



Muscle Toner Massager Arm Ab Stomach Waist Training Medium Frequency, Massage Creams

What is LEBODY?
LeBody is a Korean-based beauty and wellness brand that focuses on improving overall skin and body conditions through targeted LED light therapy, EMS mid-frequency, electrical ionization and micro-current technology. Offering stellar and leveraging cutting-edge technology, LeBody features targeted devices for both the face and the body with the goal of improving overall health and wellness, while making advanced Korean health and beauty technology accessible for the everyday consumer to use in the comfort of their own home.

What is Lebody Form?
Lebody form is body tightening and contouring device using electric current (Mid Frequency alternating current)

Principle of Lebody form – Mid-frequency

Lebody form uses 1,000Hz range which has least skin resistance and less pain & inconvenience among mid-frequency (1KHz~10KHz).
Mid-frequency currents penetrate deeply into the muscle beneath skin and stimulates muscles directly.

Safe, secure and Get free, anywhere and anytime

6 intensity Levels & 2 Training modes(GYM,Slim): User can freely choose the intensity and mode according to user condition and preference
illuminance sensor: It detects body contact and protect skin due to the user’s negligence
Amperage compensation function: Lebody form delivers safe and uniform amperage for patients regardless of patients’ condition.
Train anywhere: Light weight & portable 270g
Simply Recharge: Experience long battery life. Recharges quickly with charging dock. Compatible with any micro USB charger

3 Main Effects of Lebody Form


Massage and Relieving Muscle Pain

Mid-Frequency Pulse Stimulation improves the blood circulation by local vasodilation. It helps relieve muscle aches and stiffness by accelerating metabolism and eliminating body waste. Mid-frequency improves blood circulation. Get healed quickly from your muscle pain and aches.


Mid-frequency of Lebody form strengthens muscles and decreases body fat component by increasing cellular metabolism. It improves body skin elasticity and reduces swelling.
Lebody Form is for those who need to manage their body line regularly as well as a supplementary workout and for those who want to lose weight more effectively.

Strengthen Muscles

DUB-Skin Scanner was used to evaluate temporary cellulite reduction and improvements in boundary lengths of skin and underlying fat. Results before and after testing product use showed statistically significant results. Improvement rates in boundary lengths of skin and underlying fat are as follows: 9.47% after 4 weeks of use, 20.59% after 8 weeks of use.






  1. kalyhan

    My friend bought it, so I used it for a while and was surprised. I thought I had to buy it, and this place has the best price. I received it well. I will use the additional gift well.

  2. nicoleyoung

    When I get home from work and take a break, I wear it on my shoulder with a belt, and the pain in my shoulder disappears and I can sleep comfortably. I love it.

  3. hemilianmac

    I really like the massage cream they sent me with. It feels good when used with the device. It is strong enough to feel refreshed after use.

  4. julianajeoung


  5. aliciamerell4 (store manager)

    Thanks for the quick response and fast delivery.

  6. malinakoki (store manager)

    I love this! I’ve lost 8 pounds in two weeks, giving me the boost that I so desperately need to help me lose this stubborn weight again. I use it for about 30 minutes every night after work. It is incredible and I will definitely recommend it.

  7. gloriadian11 (store manager)

    The belt is can be tightly fastened. It gives very strong vibration. I mean very strong. I almost could feel the fat cells being broken down. I have used it for a month now. I think it helped greatly in shaping my waist lines. Love it!

  8. stephanie998 (store manager)

    When I was originally looking at the product I must admit I was a but skeptical. After using it a few times, I can feel my stomach is very comfortable. It will be a little itches, but I think it is normal, because your blood is circulating. Everything is perfect!

  9. aileen9678 (store manager)

    I bought this to lose weight, but I mainly use it to loosen my shoulders. It’s so refreshing after using it.

  10. icyrina77 (store manager)

    quick shipping. really works!!

  11. helenjeoung (store manager)

    I had severe shoulder pain. I used this and it got better. It works very powerfully.

  12. danaillie (store manager)

    At first, I was surprised at how powerful it was. I am using it for my shoulder now. I love it.

  13. gamaliatrace (store manager)

    When I put on the belt, it automatically performs the exercise for me. very good and easy.

  14. rebeccahound (store manager)

    Very powerful. With Lebody Foam, this diet seems to be successful.

  15. emmasire89 (store manager)

    Belly belts are so comfortable! Sit down and exercise!!

  16. mariacory1 (store manager)

    Powerful!! I feel like I’m losing my weight!!!

  17. arianalive553 (store manager)

    I had purchased three different brand massager before. None of them worked as it described. This massager was introduced by one of my friends. it is designed to target the waistline which is exactly what I was looking for. I mostly use it in the stomach area. I used it twice a day and after a few days I felt the ab muscles get a bit tight and smaller.

  18. karianily113 (store manager)

    Amazing product! Amazing price! It has made a world of difference for me and my daily regimen. With this, I can do it. This product deserves every bit of their 5 star rating!

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