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Lassie’ el Night Miracle Sleeping Mask Egg

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How fun is this DIY sleeping pack?! Mix the gel and cream in the capsule well and apply it to your face before going to bed. You will wake up with super moisturized skin! No need to rinse.

Weight: 21g

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Doublenutrition recipe for a special care of extremely dry skin. It contains affluent nutrients of fresh raw material for cold wind-rough and crisp skin into ‘cream’ and ‘gel’ and keeps the water-oil balance and fills a healthy glow into skin.

Perfect Sleeping Care for moisturizing.

A gel in the cream type for skin balance.

A sleeping mask that mixes nourishing cream and hydrating gel base.

Tightening ‘perfect skin barrier’

Added egg yolk extract good for skin depth moisturizing forms skin barrier densely to prevent skin strongly, healthily from external stimulus and harmful substances.

Natural ‘skin glow’ making a difference of healthy skin

It contains beta glucan absorbed in the inner skin layer to increase skin regeneration and collagenesis promotion.

Propolis extract containing affluently vitamin E makes skin densely glossy and generally healthy.