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KN95 Disposable Protective White Face Mask


(7 customer reviews)
  • SKU  KN95-20pcs
  • Size : 12cm / 13cm, 2pcs/bag
  • Storage Method :  Store in a dry, ventilated, non hazardous atmosphere.


KN95 5-ply foldable mask is suitable for adults’ daily travel protection. The KN95 mask is not to be used as a replacement for gas masks or as a medical mask. The mask cannot generate oxygen and should not be used in hypoxic environments. When used properly, the mask provides approximately 95% filter efficiency and effectively protects respiratory health. Use the KN95 mask to protect against PM2.5, dust, pollen, microorganisms, and air pollution. Use the mask within 3 years of manufacturer and should be stored in dry and ventilated location 23ºF – 122ºF (-5ºC – 50ºC, relative humidity <80%). Contains 5 face masks.


Please check for air tightness after wearing the mask. Check to ensure the mask is tightened securely to the face. Position the protective mask gently with both hands and be careful not to disturb the mask’s seal across the face. To test for air tightness, exhale sharply through the nose. If you feel air leak from the nose piece, adjust the nose clip accordingly. If you feel air leak from the edges of the mask, re- position the ear bands.

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7 reviews for KN95 Disposable Protective White Face Mask

  1. savannahaaa (store manager)

    The quality is great and I can wear it all day without any problems, very comfortable to wear, especially in the airplane. Highly recommended

  2. reginaguas (store manager)

    The metal strip to help mold the mask to my face is better than others, but it just does not want to seal well, allowing leakage that I can feel and that still steams up eyeglasses. The mask does not appear to come in multiple sizes, so it is hard to find one that is the right size.

  3. quinceymalode (store manager)

    It’s hard to find a kn95 mask right now, but you have it. That’s a very good price. Individually packaged and of good quality.

  4. nicole512 (store manager)

    These are so great and breathable. Individual Packing

  5. morganqui (store manager)

    I like these masks because they have enough form to them that they don’t cling to my mouth and cause irritation.

  6. gracelyn (store manager)

    Good thickness, good fitting on a relatively narrow face, comfortable.

  7. fabiana (store manager)

    We must use a high-protection mask. It’s here.

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