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KF94 Face Mask -1000pcs

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The mask products of The-pureun Corporation conform to
rigorous standards with its certificates of non-medicine product,
test results and etc., certified by the MFDS(Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) and
has proven safety and reliability, blocking harmful particles such as yellow dust and
particulate matter with 4-stage filter that ensures excellent particle retention capacity to
provide respiratory protection from particles, odor, exhaust and etc.
K-MASK is excellent in providing respiratory protection from
harmful particles, such as yellow dust, particulate matters, and viruses.
Particularly, KF94 meets the standard of the MFDS(Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)
for masks used in prevention of epidemics and can capture 94% of particles.
Anti-fog nose bridge
-It is a convenient nose bridge preventing the glass from fogging up.
3D structure
-The three-dimensional hard shell filter maintains its shape, ensuring comfortable breathing, and helps prevent your makeup from smudging under the mask.
4-layer micro-filters
-The 4-layer ultra anti-static filter, consisting of outer layer, support medium, MB filter, and inner fabric, provides perfect protection from external contaminants.
Soft and comfortable ear band
-The high elasticity ear band minimizes the ear fatigue caused by friction.