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KF-94 Sol Yellow Dust Prevention Face Mask / 100pcs


  • Appearance: Waterproof and non-strainable
  • Intermediate goods: Form maintenance and non-statement protection
  • Filter: Blocking fine dust
  • lining: Skin Low Irritation Material

Ergonomic design makes wearing comfortable Wire frames are not steaming, with a three-stage folding structure.
It has a three-dimensional design.




KF-94 Sol Yellow Dust Prevention Mask









  • Korean domestically produced masks
  • Quadrature MB static filter
  • 3D stereoscopic and nose clip fitted

Certification of non-medical products by the Ministry of
Food and Drug Safety and  You can use it with confidence with the FDA registered product.

Non-woven mask with three-stage white cross-folded body with nose fragments, straps on both sides, and fastening rings

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