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JLT KF94 Face Mask-Large Size


(8 customer reviews)


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8 reviews for JLT KF94 Face Mask-Large Size

  1. mariahgates

    The product is good but not for me. The mask presses on the cheeks and hurts.

  2. okarinakenz

    I bought it because it was cheap. I plan to share it with my friends. The quality is good.

  3. gracecape

    I can’t be sure the covid is over. I had no choice but to buy this mask at a good price.

  4. jucytraker

    I am surprised these are individually packaged (they are sealed) and I opened one to test it out. Comfortable, does not scratch around my lips, has an adjustable nose bridge and is sufficient for running errands and other essential needs requiring public visits. Already ordering another pack.

  5. beatrice

    Great quality, fine price 😉

  6. kamiliana

    I found these to be the best yet of all the masks I tried. It fits snugly but not to tight with space around my nose and mouth. I like that they come individually packed so it’s easy to put a few extras in my bag. Good quality. No strong smells. Definitely happy with my choice.

  7. guisebrian

    These feel great and work well for a wide face. I’m sure they’d work fine on a narrow face as well. These sit comfortably and are individually wrapped. I’ll prob repurchase more when necessary.

  8. briannak (store manager)

    These masks are excellent. They fit very well, provide very good coverage and are very comfortable. They’re also very good at preventing my eyeglasses from fogging up. I also like the fact that they’re individually packaged.

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