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JANT BLANC ALOE ESSENTIAL 7 Sests SKIN/LOTION/CREAM/EYE CREAM/SERUM/BB CREAM/FOAM CLEANSING Jant Blanc Aloe Essential skincare set Aloe toner Aloe extract keep water oil balance of skin, prevent after cleansing tight, Licorice extract and allantoin components of skin problems, while preventing. Good stabilization Aloe emulsion Moist downy sense, not greasy, keep skin water oil balance, Aloe extract and glass, moistening ingredients acid ib, bright and clean water embellish skin silky. Aloe nutrition frost Moisturize not greasy feel soft, natural moisturizing membrane can soften skin, prevent moisture to evaporate, moisturizing everlastingly. Aloe extract and white mulberry extract etc, and continuously provide the nutrition for the skin. Toner- 150mlEmulsion – 150mlcream 60geyecream 60gserum 50mlbbcream 78mlcleansing 180ml Ingredients: aloe, olive oil, chamomile, grape seed oil

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▶ Manufacturer : JANT BLANC

▶ Country of origin : Republic of Korea

▶ Volume/Set

: Skin – 150ml

: Lotion – 150ml

: Bouncy Cream – 60g

: Eye Cream – 60g

: Essence – 50ml

: Cleansing Foam – 180ml

: BB cream – 70ml

▶ Major ingredients

: Aloe Extract, Hyaluronic Acid

▶ Product description

[Aloe essential toner]

: Rich moisture skin with aloe rich moisture and nutrition to give dry skin absorption for moist

 vital skin care.

: Hyaluronic acid and alove extract gives skin comfort care for silky softness and fresh finish.

: How to use – After face wash apply appropriate amount gently onto skin and pat for absorption. 

[Aloe essential emulsion]

: Moisture emulsion to balance uneven skin moisture.

: Rich moist aloe extract and nutrition ingredients penetrates deep into skin for vital glowing moist skin care.

: How to use – After softener or essence use, apply appropriate amount gently and wrap face for absorption. 

[Aloe essential cream]

: Aloe extract and hyaluronic acid gives dry skin nutrition and moisture for glowing vital skin care.

: Moisture shield keeping moist for long gives moisture soft skin lasting.

: How to use – Last step of basic care, apply appropriate amount and wrap face gently for absorption. 

[Perfect pearl finish BB cream]

: Protects externally irritated sensitive skin.

: Gives natural coverage on blemishes and skin tone for clear skin look. 

: Botanical ingredient supply nutrition for glowing healthy skin care.

: How to use – Apply appropriate amount onto face evenly.

[Aloe essential eye cream]

: Gives dry eye area and saggy skin due to external factors intensive nutrition and moisture 

 with aloe extract and botanical moisture ingredients.

: Gives eye area elastic youthful healthy care from inner skin.

: How to use – After softener and serum use, apply appropriate amount gently and pat from eyes center to outward.

[Aloe essential serum]

: Aloe extract and other moisture ingredients give rough and dry skin moisture glowing healthy care

 gives tired skin energy. 

: How to use – After skin use, apply appropriate amount gently onto skin, wrap face for absorption. 

[Aloe clear foam cleansing]

: Fine and rich bubbles gently remove makeup and impurities thoroughly. 

: Contains aloe extract to keep skin moisturized and soft even after face wash.

: How to use – Use appropriate amount to wet water and lather bubbles, massage onto face and rinse off thoroughly.