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INNISFREE The Minimum Toner 45ml

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Ingredients Full List

Purified water, glycerin, propanediol, 1,2-hexanediol, Madeira side CASO

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Minimum toner to leave the best ingredients for your sensitive skin!


1. A hypoallergenic toner for alleviating sensitive and stressed skin

2. Willow bark ingredients: To help exfoliate and make your skin flexible

3. 99% of naturally derived ingredients: Preservative-free toner made from natural ingredients.

4. 25% of naturally derived moisturizing supplements: To provide long-lasting moisture

5. Mist-type: To minimize stress from direct stimulation to skin

What else you need to know
10-free system: parabens, animal-originated ingredients, mineral oil, triethanolamine, polyacrylamide, silicone oil, PEG surfactants, imidazolidinyl urea, colorants, fragrances

How To Use

After cleansing, close your eyes and spray 3~4 times onto the face and gently pat to allow the formula to absorb into the skin.
toner -> ampoule essence -> moist cream or fresh cream.

3 reviews for INNISFREE The Minimum Toner 45ml

  1. keyshajohnson

    I really love this product. I currently use it every day now. 

  2. yunafanklin

    I like that this toner is very gentle. Often I have found other toners not doing well with my skin. I will be buying more of this in the future.

  3. huanoikarano

    i loved how this blended into my skin because sometimes when patting in excess product a toner my skin will get greasy and it wont absorb anything, but that was not the case with this.It helped balance my skin and provided an amazing base for the jeju orchid eye cream which is also my HOLY GRAIL

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