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Honey Dew Lifting Treatment Mask : Buy5 Get5 Free

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  • Brand : Vacci
  • Model : Honey Dew Lifting Treatment Mask Sheets
  • Includes : 10EA * 25ml
  • Country of Manufacture : Korea

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Vacci Honey Dew Lifting Treatment Mask Sheet 25ml

The optimum skin condition is maintained by Honey extract to make elastic & moisturizing for moisturizing and soothing the skin.

Recommended For

Need Tone-up.

When the make-up doesn’t go well.

Sensitive skin.

Need vitality.

A pull skin.

How To Use

1. After washing the face, adjust the skin texture, remove the mask and attach the sheet to the face to match the face shape.

2. Take a relaxing break for about 10 to 20 minutes and then take the mask off.

3. After you remove the mask pat the essence that remains on your face to absorb it.

※ It is most effective to use it continuously for 4 weeks, considering the skin turnover cycle.