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HAYEJIN Pale Green Pastel Eye Mask

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Eco-Friendly and Water-Soluable Hydrogel

Quick Treatment for fatigued skins around eyes! Calming Eye Mask for Sensitive skins.

Volume : 90g ( 60each )

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3 reviews for HAYEJIN Pale Green Pastel Eye Mask

  1. madelyn55 (store manager)

    These eye masks come in a pretty plastic jar with a little scoop to get them out cleanly. The masks are pale green and very thin. They adhere well, are nicely cooling and I like that I can wear them while multi tasking in the morning. They do work and are great are making the skin under my eyes less puffy and at giving me a more rested look.

  2. mayahopp (store manager)

    I’ve enjoyed these under eye masks. The serum isn’t as gel like on these as it is the pink ones from Hayejin. So they stay in place better. I stuck them in my fridge and keep them there that way ill get a nice cooling effect.

  3. skylarjay8 (store manager)

    This comes with a little scooper to scoop up the mask. They cover a lot of skin distance. Very cool, very soothing. Did not cause any irritation.

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