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Fruitworld Aloe Vera 98 Soothing Moisture GEL

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Containing Aloe Vera 98%

All in one soothing gel mist ; Refreshing, moisturizing and smoothing. Can be used for body, face & hair.

How to use : Spray onto face, body or hair from a distance of 20-25 cm.

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For the skin of the face and body, as well as for hair – mist with 98% aloe vera replaces several products at once. Mist with a light gel texture and a scent of freshness instantly moisturizes and refreshes, leaving the skin feeling comfortable and relaxed. When used after unprotected exposure to the open sun, the mist will soothe and cool the skin, relieve itching and redness, and accelerate healing. The use of mist during the day reduces the aggressive effects of ultraviolet radiation, minimizes the occurrence of sunburn (but does not exclude the use of sunscreen).

When used on the face, it can be used to care for all skin types. Mist will maintain normal skin in the required tone and protect it from flaking, dry skin will instantly moisturize, sensitive skin will soothe, problem skin with aloe vera will make it healthier, and will also help to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands and prevent oily skin from shining. Mist can be used to moisturize hair and protect it from aggressive environmental influences.