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Rice Bran contains protein, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, retains moisture and soothes sensitive skin.

180ml/6.08 fl oz

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Moisturizing face gel with Bran foodaholic moisture skin soft peeling gel rice bran 180 ml.
Peeling stimulates the process of cellular renewal and returns the skin a natural radiance. Thanks to the soft mechanical exfoliation (natural pulp 100%), peeling instantly removes pollution, dead cells and oxidized proteins from the skin surface. Has a magnificent cleansing effect, does not damage the surface of the skin, without destroying its natural protective layer.
Rice bran, consisting of small particles, gently Sanders dead skin cells, making the skin more smooth. Rice bran extract (glycolide and фосфолипиды) is used for skin care as a softening and moisture-retaining component.
The product promotes the removal of toxins, cleans pores deep from the inside, cleanses the skin from dead skin cells, restores brightness and purity of tone.
This peeling gel is produced on the principle of hommage & mdash; it completely does not hurt the skin, leaving scratches on it like scrubs. Your skin will be cleansed but healthy, no irritation, dryness and peeling, like Scrubs and hard peels. Suitable even for the most delicate, sensitive and irritating skin.

Method of application: it is best to use after bath or shower when the skin is softened. Apply to dry skin, gently massage, to the formation of “pellets”, massage a little more with pellets (so that the pellets are removed by the flakes) and wash off with warm water.
Volume: 180 ml.


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