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DSR KN95 Face Masks Black


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  • Easy breathing Upgrade electrostatic filter cotton for comfortable and breathable performance
  • Cool breathing Cold flow breathing valve, breathing refreshing
  • Wear no burden New upgraded knit band, comfortable and skin friendly


Application scope and limitations

Suitable for protection of various particles (such as dust/smoke/fog/microbes)
Not suitable for protection against harmful gases and steam
Not suitable for oxygen-deficient environments, underwater operations, escape and tire fighting,

Storage conditions
Storage at room temperature, storage temperature, -20-300, relative humidity is not More than 80%, pay attention to fire, rain, acid, alkali, avoid
Avoid direct sunlight.

If you find the fallowing situations, please change the mask immediately:
l. Difficulty breathing or discomfort.
2. The mask is contaminated (such as blood stains or droplets and other foreign objects)
3. The user feels that the breathing resistance becomes greater.
4. The mask is damaged.

Product name: Self-priming filter
Executive standard:GB2626-2006
Production date: see the certificate
Expiration date: three years
manufacturer: Anhui Dashanren Sanitary Products Co., Ltd

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