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Doctor P&B KF94 Face Mask White


(6 customer reviews)


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6 reviews for Doctor P&B KF94 Face Mask White

  1. bellissahound

    These mask are great! Fits me and my husband comfortably. We both have an average face size for adult female & male. Also, my 9 years old used this mask for school. She says they are very comfy and breathable all day at school. The ear bands are loose on her but she crisscross it once and fits perfectly on her average side face.

  2. ameliajanson

    I like these masks because they create room around one’s mouth, so the mask doesn’t press against it. They also fit well on the face and don’t leave any gaps on the sides like the blue surgical masks do. The nose wire works well, too. I have been double masking with a cotton-poly-spandex fabric mask on top of these, and it works pretty well. Sometimes, I don’t even get my glasses fogging up, if I adjust everything correctly and am not heavy breathing. These cost a bit more, but they are more effective, per expert reports I’ve heard on tv.

  3. chloekim

    Fits snuggly, no air coming in from the sides. I feel very protected wearing this mask.

  4. cassandra

    Was recommended to me by a nurse. Works great. I tried blowing a candle and couldn’t.

  5. camila467

    These feel great and work well for a wide face. I’m sure they’d work fine on a narrow face as well. These sit comfortably and are individually wrapped. I’ll prob repurchase more when necessary.

  6. stellathath

    I really like the design of these. Other masks hurt the backs of my ears. These are a good fit. Also, the flat, squareish shape of the front is more comfortable for me than the more triangular c-shape that I see on other masks.

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