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Black Edition KF94 Face Mask for Summer, Easy Breathing


  • The KF94 mask filters out most airborne particles, protecting users from breathing in tiny particles down to 0.4um in diameter. KF94 offers significant protection over normal blue 4 ply masks.



Save Won Bio KF94 mask

Reasonable price virus protection mask made in Korea.

FDA registered as LYU class 1.

Save Won Bio KF94 mask is high performance virus protection face mask with reasonable price.

Filtration efficiency of KF94 complies with FFP2 that’s for professional use. KF94 masks must meets high standard of Korea Ministry of Food & Drug Safety at least 94% of filtration efficiency of micro size NaCl particle and paraffin oil each.

Korean KF94 masks are well known world best quality products. It’s performance is proven as lowest infection ratio of people in South Korea and it shows KF94 face mask is the most effective way of protection from COVID-19 virus.

Cost saving

We offer competitive price with this high quality mask made with materials 100% from Korea. Korean government made Free Trade Agreement with US and EU government. Customers from the countries can save import customs duty.

The factory has 5 millions pcs of production capacity per month. Manufacturer runs 1 millions pcs inventory stock for immediate shipment. This inventory stock service helps customer can save time loss by production lead time.

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