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A’Pieu Chika Poka Toothbrushing Mask

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The perfect mask for multitaskers. The A’Pieu Chika Poka Toothbrushing Mask lets you brush your teeth while your skin gets some love! Main ingredients include pumpkin extract, hibiscus extract, and apple extract.

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– New mask shape to allow you to multi-task!
– Main ingredients: pumpkin Extract (2,000ppm), hibiscus Extract (2,000ppm), apple extract
– For all skin types
– Bamboo charcoal sheets with excellent absorption power help to cleanse the skin

How to Use
1. On a clean face, gently apply the mask on the face
2. Leave on for about 10-20 minutes
3. Remove the mask and pat the excess onto your skin
Caution: Immediately stop using in case of skin abnormalities after use; consult a doctor if conditions worsen. Use as quickly as possible after opening. Avoid contact with eyes.

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