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99% Protection Nano Mask


(5 customer reviews)

Made in Korea 

  • BLOCKS FINE PARTICLES – Effective in blocking dust and fine particles.
  • COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Ergonomic three dimensional design covers from the nose to the chine completely, and efficiently blocks the inhaling of the fine-dust through the adhesion structure.
  • GREAT SAFETY – 3-Layer Protection with high quality Nano filer.
  • Made in South KOREA – NOTE: The date printed on the package is manufactured date, NOT an expiration date. “제조” means “Manufactured”


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10 pcs, 30 pcs, 50 pcs, 100pcs


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5 reviews for 99% Protection Nano Mask

  1. hidygruten

    My martial arts class required the use of face masks and these masks form an air pocket that make them comfortable for breathing! Best part is that the sides don’t have scrunched openings and lie flat agains the side of my face so it is really sealed!

  2. junkygrown

    I like the way this mask sits on my face. It seals well over the nose and my glasses don’t fog up like with other masks.

  3. babyford

    The mask is very comfortable and fits a large adult face very well. It provides more coverage than a standard paper mask and claims to have 3 layers of protection. If you’re looking for a step up from a paper mask, you’ll like this light, breathable mask.

  4. gracewonder

    The filtering works well as I feel the room between mask and mouth was spacious enough but the fit on the top irritates my face as it feels sharp and uncomfortable.
    The material was rough to the skin but it does fit well and tight

  5. irene3789 (store manager)

    These are the best masks for being able to walk and breathe properly. I’ve been wearing them for two weeks now and have already recommended them to others. They’re great!

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