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$50 Gift Set For Moistured Skin

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$160.95 $49.99

Sooni Pouch’s Top Hot Products for Moisturized Skin
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Original Price and Description:

The Black Tea London Classic Emulsion 150ml: $39.99

  • 74% fermented black tea extract
  • It nourishes and hydrates improving elasticity
  • Soothing and milky formula makes sensitive skin moisturized and radiant

Ph Drop Barrier Cream 30ml: $69.99 

  • Ceramide, Peptide, natural extract ingredients
  • Strengthen skin’s moisture barrier
  • Repair of irritated and damaged skin
  • Lasts 48 hours Moisturizing and skin soothing

SNP Ruby Firming Eye Patch 60pcs: $35 

  • Provides instant hydration and nutrition onto sensitive eye zone
  • Ruby extract 1000mg and hyaluronic acid
  • Vitalize to dried skin parts and can be useful for any other zones such as smile lines and any wrinkle lines

HAYEJIN Cuddle of Flowers Pink Moisturizing Sheet Mask: $4.99

  • Moisturizing from Paria’s natural coconuts
  • Rosa Damascena extract helps vitality to skin
  • Tahiti complex with 7 types of ingredients (Gardenia Taitenis flower, Plumeria Alba flower, Nymphaea Alba flower, Plumeria Rubra flower, Hibiscus flower, Fagraea Berteroana flower, Cananga Odorata flower)
  • Provide soothing, relaxing care
  • Moisture replenishment and superior hydration for moisture care

SNP AQUA Balancing Cream Coating Sheet Mask: $5.99

  •   Hyaluronic Acid gives you hydration
  • Quinoa Seed extract helps revitalize a dull and dry skin
  • Cream coating mask, filled with real creams

SNP Fresh Vita Water Jelly Sheet Mask: $4.99

  • Contains Vitamin E complex helps the skin instant hydration
  • Jelly essence penetrates quickly and deeply

Total Value: $160.95