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$50 Gift Set for Elastic Skin

$140.95 $49.99

Sooni Pouch’s Top Hot Products for Elastic skin
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Original Price and Description:

Derphil Remedy Secret Cream 50ml: $69.99

  • Shea butter nourishes the sensitive skin
  • Antioxidants from Ginseng and rose extract
  • Calm and soothe the skin

YE DAM YUN BIT Skin Hue Peeling Gel 180ml: $19.99

  • Snail mucin and skin friendly mild botanical stem cell complex with ideal ratio gives skin perfect moisture and elasticity for health skin recovery

SNP Ruby Firming Eye Patch 60pcs: $35 

  • Provides instant hydration and nutrition onto sensitive eye zone
  • Ruby extract 1000mg and hyaluronic acid
  • Vitalize to dried skin parts and can be useful for any other zones such as smile lines and any wrinkle lines

Steam 107 Snail Essential Sheet Mask: $4.99

  • Mucin in snail mucus protects the skin from harmful substances of the skin to relieve and calm the skin stress
  • Make the skin moist and shiny.

HAYEJIN Cuddle of Tea Tree Green Calming Sheet Mask: $4.99 

  • Pure Jeju oxygen water (mineral water&oxygen) helps clarify and firm the skin
  • Jeju seaweed complex (sea grapes, hijiki) and Iodine for skin protection and nourishment
  • Niacinamide, Adenosine helps brightening, anti-wrinkle function

TERESIA Marine Collagen Sheet Mask: $5.99

  • The anti-fouling composition of the seaweed extract
  • The collagen-rich, multi-concentrated essence
  • Increases elasticity by adding tension to the saggy skin
  • Helps relieve stress of tired skin and make dull skin healthy and clean

Total Value: $140.95