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  /  Past Sooni Pouch 07-2023

Past Sooni Pouch 07-2023

Food A Holic
Rose Water Soothing Gel

To ehlp hydrate and soothe your skin after sun exposure.

Hydrates and nourishes dry skin

Strengthens skin barrier

After cleansing and on fresh skin, Apply some on the skin. Pat gently until fully absorbed.

Hyaluronic Acid 100

  • [Hyaluronic Acid] Enriched Ampoule with Hyaluronic Acid that reduces wrinkles. Mizon’s Hyaluronic Acid 100 keeps your skin supple protecting it against harm.
  • [Moisturizing] Intensive moisture care that visibly refreshes skin look with a non-sticky finish and maintains moisture balance. Provides immediate moisture with fast and optimal absorption.
  • [Skin Elasticity] Regain skin elasticity with Adenosine to improve wrinkle care. Provides wrinkle care, renewal, immediate deep skin hydration, and moisture balance.
  • [Hydrated Skin]Highly recommended for dry skin, dull and rough skin, and those who want their skin to be hydrated all day long.
  • [Safe Formula] Hypoallergenic, free from fragrance, artificial color, and parabens.

Crystal Vegan Tinted Lip Balm

ceresin, *jojoba seed oil, castor seed oil, *shea butter, *cranberry seed oil, rosehip fruit oil, anthocyanin, tocopheryl acetate, alpha-bisabolol


  • Mild use without irritation even on sensitive skin
  • Helps to calm sensitive skin by containing centella extract
  • Intensive care for acne trouble skin
  • Moisturize and retain moisture on dry skin
  • Control of oil and moisture balance of skin and remove wastes



  • For who even with little irritation, the skin is very sensitive
  • For who are worried with acne scars
  • For who need quick calming care for troubled skin
  • For who need to protect the troubled area from external irritation


At the final stage of skin care, take an appropriate amount and apply it on the concerned, sensitive areas or on the entire face and pat for absorption.


 I’m Lovely Peach Perfect Hand Mask will rid away dry, cracking hands!

Infused with Peach Extract, this mask will naturally firm skin and combat the signs of aging, while intensely hydrate your hands.

You can also Multi-task while masking because these gloves are touch-screen friendly!

Peach Extract – 16,000 ppm of Peach extract brightens up dull looking hands.


On cleansed hands, separate the two sheets along the dotted lines

Put the gloves on clean and dry hands.

Leave on for and remove after 20 minutes.

Pat excess essence until fully absorbed.

Red Ginseng Deep Power Ringer Mask Pack

Hyaluronic acid is an active moisturiser that restores optimal hydro-balance, relieves dryness, itching and discomfort.

Red Ginseng Extract is known for its healing and anti-aging properties. It improves blood circulation, cleanses the skin, removes toxic substances and improves oxygen access to the deep layers of the epidermis. Ginseng may also stimulate the synthesis of collagen fibres and slow down skin ageing.

Herbal complex – the mask contains extracts of Portulaca oleracea, Witch hazel, Virginia Vine, soy, rice, Gynura aurantiaca (Velvet Plant) and other plants. These components saturate cells with vitamins, inhibit the activity of bacteria, whiten the skin and improve complexion.

To achieve the desired result, the mask must be used regularly.

How to use:

  1. Remove the fabric mask from its packaging.
  2. Apply to cleansed skin for 15-30 minutes.
  3. Remove the mask and distribute the remains of the essence over the skin with massage movements.

Nature Republic
Real Nature Mask Sheet Tomato

* Real Nature Mask for moisturizing, whitening, trouble care and wrinkle care

* 1.The upgraded sheet fabric adheres to the skin, keeping the essence inside the mask for a relatively long time, and helping to effectively deliver the essence to the skin.

2. Fine hall sheets moisturize and nourish the skin for a long time


Tomato : Gives whitening effect by Jangsu tomato and makes skin bright.

[ How to use ]

  1. After washing the face, apply toner to prepare the skin.
  2. Open the pouch, pull out the mask, and place on the face, using the eye area to align correctly.
  3. Remove after 10-20 minutes and gently pat for better absorption.

Fresh To Go Cucumber Mask Sheet

A sheet mask infused with beauty foods to give the skin a daily intake of healthy vegetables and fresh fruits.
Mask sheets with fresh vegetables and fruit essence that can be used everyday.

Mask sheets made with natural cellulose fabric, containing ampoule type of essence, that are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.


How to use:
1. Prep your skin with toner after cleansing.
2. Apply the sheet mask and leave on for 10-25 minutes.
3. Discard the mask. Tap lightly with remaining essence for better absorption.

Heartleaf Calming Toner-Sample

Usage: Day, Night
Product Type: Toner & Mist
Skin Concern: Dryness/ Hydration, Dullness / Radiance, Irritation/ Calming, Oil Control/ Pores
Skin Type: Combination, Dry, Normal, Oily

Apply a proper amount on the face evenly and pat gently for better absorption.

SKIN 1004
Madagascar Centella Ampoule-Sample

An All-In-One Ampoule: An all-rounder product to help with the replenishment, soothing, softening and rejuvenation of the skin

Soothing Ampoule with Centella Asiatica Extract: Using 100% undamaged, high-quality extracts from Centella Asiatica harvested in Madagascar, this serum offers intense hydration and balances sebum levels, reducing acne, dry patches, skin irritation and prevents signs of aging

Main Effects: Soothes blemishes and reduces excess oil production, diminishes the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, provides deep hydration, and strengthens the skin barrier

Hydration Like No Other: Thanks to its innovative formulation and its high pure extract concentration, this ampoule seeps deep into the skin, leaving it supple all day long. You will feel the difference from other products that often leave the skin dry after 1 hour