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Korean Hair Care Tips

5 easy Korean hair care tips for healthy hair

Hair care is an important part of Korean beauty which is why the Sooni team has included great Korean hair care products in our past pouches. Learn about 5 Korean hair care tips that are easy to follow and will lead to more healthy and beautiful hair!

1. Exfoliate the scalp
In Korea, scalp treatment is the core of hair care because healthy scalp leads to healthy hair. An integral step in scalp treatment is exfoliation. Just like you exfoliate the skin once or twice a week, you also want to exfoliate the scalp about once or twice a week. You can easily do this by using a scalp scaler which gets rid of the oil, dirt, or any build up on your scalp. The scalp scaler should be applied prior to your shampoo.

Scalp Scaler

2. Find an ingredient rich shampoo & massage your scalp with it
Look for a shampoo that is enriched with a lot of healthy ingredients. The Sooni team loves the The Etude House Silk Scarf Damage Shampoo, included in our February Sooni Pouch and Sooni Mini Pouch. It contains 10 different protein ingredients and 17 different amino acid ingredients to provide noticeably softer hair. When applying the shampoo in the shower, give your scalp a quick massage. A scalp massage can help improve circulation of blood, thereby promoting hair growth. You can even use a scalp massager to really get the job done (plus it’ll feel amazing!).

Check out the video what happens to the scalp with just one scalp treatment!

3. Apply a hair pack once a week
In Korea, a hair mask is actually called “hair pack” and are filled with great ingredients to give your hair the nutrition it deserves. Apply the hair pack after you shampoo, wait the instructed time, and then rinse. You’ll definitely notice a difference.

Nature Republic Argan Hair Pack

4. Use a hair essence
Walk into any Korean hair salon and you’ll find a plethora of hair essence. Hair essence, like skin essence, hydrates and moisturizes the hair, and is a staple in the Korean hair care routine. A hair essence that we recommend is the Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Care Essence, which was included in the October Sooni Pouch. Made with Argan oil, it provides deep moisture and leaves you hair strands shiny and smooth. Also, might we add it leaves your hair smelling so amazing?! Gently apply the hair essence after you wash your hair when it is still damp.

Argan Oil Hair Essence Nature Republic

5. Get regular haircuts/trims
Say goodbye to those nasty split ends! Getting regular trims will help their hair to have less breakage, which will result in your ends looking much more healthy and shiny.

Did these hair care tips help? Let us know if you have any hair care tips that you swear by!


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