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Sooni Pouch

All That You Wanted To Learn About Plasma Technology

Plasma – The Korean Secret To Younger Looking Skin
South Koreans aren’t just conquering the pop world; they’re dominating the skincare industry as well. In fact, many Korean products have a cult following among beauty bloggers and YouTubers. Beauty is a serious business in South Korea – people of all ages, irrespective of their gender, are conscious and knowledgeable about different cosmetic products and ingredients. So much so, Korean companies have created never-heard-before skincare products, including bee venom serums, snail mucin essence, and a whole lot of fermented products.

Plasma is one just technology that helps treat a range of skin problems, including chronic acne and atopy. It was developed by Korean scientists who were committed to redefining skincare. Read on to learn more about plasma technology:

What Is Plasma Technology?

When energy is applied to gaseous matter, it becomes even more energy-rich – this fourth state of matter is called the plasma state. Plasma technology has been used in various industries, including food engineering, microelectronics, and skincare.

How Does Plasma Technology Help In Skincare?

Plasma-ions increase hydrogen concentration on the skin, killing harmful bacteria and increasing acidity levels. It also fills up collagen in the skin layers, giving you an instant young and rejuvenated feel.

What Is PlaBleu Therapy?

PlaBleu is one such device that helps to keep the skin youthful and free from a range of skin issues. The ions in plasma products inject collagen into the skin, reducing wrinkles and ensuring an even skin tone.

This plasma-based device is a one-stop solution to most skincare problems. For one, it releases hydroxide compounds that react with the skin to form H2O molecules. This process helps kill harmful bacteria and sterilizes the skin. It also helps strengthen the body’s natural immune system and manage symptoms related to eczema, acne, and other chronic skin problems caused by bacteria.

Why Is PlaBleu The Best Treatment For Skincare?

There are multiple benefits of using PlaBleu. It helps eliminate a wide range of germs bacteria, naturally and without using toxic ingredients. In fact, this is one of the most significant advantages of using Korean skincare products – since most Koreans have sensitive skins, their products are hypoallergenic and formulated using natural ingredients. PlaBleu is non-toxic and environment-friendly as well.

PlaBleu is an excellent anti-aging device. It activates fibroblasts and collagen, giving you firmer and more radiant skin. Plasma ions also make the skin supple. They help reduce wrinkles and fine lines after just six weeks of use.

If you’re worried about dust and other pollutants affecting your skin quality, try PlaBeau. This can be your personal beauty device that improves skin tone and makes it resilient.

Another advantage of using PlaBleu is the device’s ability to absorb active ingredients in other skincare products. It is believed that plasma ions make the skin permeable, making it easier for ingredients like serum and vitamins to be better absorbed in the skin.

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